It’s no suprise that I love the stylish things in life. However, when it comes to style, styling clothing comes soooo much more naturally to me than interior design. That sense of uncertainty when it comes to interiors often causes me to shy away from decorating for the holidays! I find myself overwhelmed and finding excuses to get away from pulling out our decor from the garage. I may be the only one who feels this way, but I doubt it. In hopes of getting inspired and making the decision to tackle my Christmas decor plans head on, I’ve turned to the lovely Autumn Dawn, a Columbus based Interior Designer, for some simple, yet stylish ways to decorate the home for the holiday season! From oversized ornaments to coffee table books, Autumn (ADP) shows just how simple it is to add holiday cheer and style to your home! Prepare yourselves for loads of inspiration and details on the Junior Legue Columbus’ Annual Holiday of Homes Tour, which is happening THIS WEEKEND.

ADP: Creating a beautiful scene to entertain guests, begins with moments. When we are hosting fabulous dinners, I always start with scale and mood. What is the feeling/atmosphere you want your guests to enjoy?
For a tablescape, designing with texture gives one an opportunity to create levels, allowing the eye to move low begins with your place setting, these beaded placemats layered with an element of whimsy, hence the diamonds and pearls in the soufflé dish.
High items placed upon a fur runner add texture and height. Repetition of eye level items like the oversized ornaments centered with fresh floral roses, berries and holly bring life to the neutral color palette to meld the design.

ADP: Choosing a color scheme for our Christmas trees always begins with ribbon, this one element dictates the color throughout conjoining rooms. Looping ribbons in your Christmas trees give an opportunity to carry the color scheme to gifts, chandeliers and greenery. Select a hue that goes with your room. Christmas is no longer only red and green, but a vast selection of shades from turquoise to hot pink, all can create a stunning atmosphere, it’s genuinely a matter of what you love.

ADP: Hospitality begins with a serving tray! Use those beautiful platters sitting in your china hutch buried under grandmas linens scattered around your home. Dressing each in oversized ornaments, fresh flowers and of course those coffee table books that are only for looks.

ADP: Stacking books with color and pattern on any table is another great way to add finishing touches to your holiday decor. The books can be used on center table, side table or ottoman with a tray. Books give the guest a sense of your style at home and create an eclectic feel.

ADP: Oversized ornaments are yet another way to add finishing touches to a space or concept. From the tablescape to your trays, dressing with ornaments adds interest, balance and a dose of holiday chic to your decor.
Feel inspired, huh? This weekend the Junior Legue Columbus is hosting its annual Holiday of Homes Tour, which will leave you feeling even more inspired. While I know many of us already have our holiday decor in place for the season, the Holiday of Homes Tour is a great way to start jotting down your decor ideas for next year! Or perhaps you haven’t decorated (that would be me) and want some easy, yet stylish ways to add a little holiday cheer to your home, then you should definitely go. And not to mention, THIS IS THE FIRST WEEKEND OF DECEMBER and it’s a requirement to do something festive. Snag a girlfriend or your main squeeze and scoot over to the Junior Legue Columbus’ site for ticket pricing, location, etc. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll have a blast and you will also see the home above! Sooo dreamy.

This post is kindly brought to you by JLColumbus. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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