It may be nearing the end of July, but we are just approaching the first official 30 days of summer. Craziness, I know.  Maybe it’s me, but it’s been particularly hot in Columbus this summer! Per the forecast, it looks like we are supposed to be getting some slightly cooler weather here soon. I’m ready for it!

As we move into the next stretch of the summer season, I truly believe this is the time when we get to enjoy it. And by enjoy, I simply mean the temperatures are more bearable, which makes getting dressed a whole lot more fun and a little less stressful. Also, I feel that it is during this timeframe when most folks are jet-setting on vacations, short weekend trips and all that fun stuff. If you are anything like me, you like picking up a few new pieces to take with you. And perhaps you aren’t venturing anywhere, but have some stellar end of Summer activities planned here in Columbus (or your own City). I still believe that it is a totally valid excuse to go out and do a little lite shopping! Now that I’ve convinced you on why you might need to do some shopping, here’s a quick round up of FIVE necessary end of summer staples you kinda need (and I say kinda to imply that you REALLY NEED them) from Polaris Fashion Place.
    1. A Versatile Easy Breezy Dress- During the summer, there’s nothing better than an easy breezy dress.  It’s a great piece you can throw on for a dinner al fresco or meeting a girlfriend for lunch. Let’s not forget being able to throw on a denim jacket and a cool sneaker for some city exploring/attending an outdoor event. Perhaps the best thing about a breezy dress is how well it breathes. When shopping for pieces like this during the summer months, I like to specifically look for styles that are super duper lite weight. This particular dress is from J.Crew’s Point Sur collection and is 100% cotton. In addition to being lite weight, it has great movement and some fun color interest!
    2. Amazingly Good Bohemian Statement Jewelry- It goes without saying, but bohemian jewelry is majorly in right now. I like to call it more tropical bohemian though. A great way to make a summer statement is to reach for those jewelry pieces that have a hint of boho flare. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold! For me personally, I’m a sucker for massively oversized earrings and a good cocktail ring, both of which I was able to find while shopping at Polaris Fashion Place. I found these earrings at Francesca’s and the cocktail ring at Occasionally Your’s!
    3. A Unique Basket Bag- Basket bags began trending around last Spring and are still making headway. In the event you are curious, I do believe the trend is here to stay for a good while. Adding a basket bag is a great way to add dimension to your look. Also, it just screams SUMMER! When looking for your basket bag, look for a shape that has some interest. You truly want to find a unique shape! One of my all-time favorite basket bag shapes is the ark! I found this mini one at Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s Cult Gaia (who is pretty much the brand trendsetter for basket bags).  If you are looking to snag a handbag like this for more of a steal and don’t mind the color black, you can also find this style at Francesa’s!
    4. A Stylish Slide- Slides, slides and more slides. Slides are definitely the summer sandal obsession for this year! I’m sure by now you’ve managed to acquire some kind of basic slide style. However, you need one with a little coolness. And by coolness, I mean you also need a slide with INTEREST. This style from Madewell presents interest in three ways: color, fabrication and detailing. This slide comes in multiple colors and is currently on major sale!
    5. A Cat Sunnie- From tiny angular specs to triangularly oversized, Cateye sunnies are most definitely a summer necessity. Depending on your personal style, you can go tiny or large! Also, because sunglass trends come and go so quickly, no need to splurge here. You can find them very affordable! I found this particular pair at Loft!

And there ya go my friends. 5 necessary staples for da end of summer! Which piece are you most excited to get your hands on? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, to get the inside scoop on what’s happening at Polaris Fashion Place, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram >>

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