And just like that, it’s my 30thBirthday! I think I originally was anticipating to feel sad about leaving my 20s, but now that the day is actually here, I am A-Okay. Yesterday, I shared with Christy and Elizabeth (my Wardrobe Therapy colleagues), that I am exactly where I want to be. For once in my life, I found peace in the NOW and it is a very calming and freeing feeling. Now, do not get me wrong, I still have goals, dreams, and things I want to check off, but I am so very content with where I am at.

In many ways, the last few weeks have been emotionally interesting, but as I think about it, I am certain that God has just been pruning me…preparing me for the next season. To put it simply, I’ve been in the wilderness here lately. But the wilderness = growth. So, I am jazzed to see what this new season brings.

Before I dive into this day, I wanted to share 30 things I’ve learned while Approaching 30. I’ve always wanted to make a list like this and found today to be the perfect opportunity. In no particular order, here are 30 little life lessons:

1. Life is HARD. We have highs and lows, but it’s a journey that requires strength.

2. Everyone has a story…so be quick to listen and show compassion, because you never know what someone is going through.

3. The only way you can be honest with others is to be honest with yourself. That’s a hard one.

4. Deep self-reflection is key to self-development. Looking beneath the surface and really digging up that junk you don’t want to think about…it helps you make sense of you and your reactions.

5. Accountability. We need people in our lives who will keep us ACCOUNTABLE to ourselves.

6. Money. You reach one milestone and then there’s another…money will always be a thing. Ugh.

7. Friendships. Some last for a year, some last for five and others last for a lifetime and that is completely fine. Life happens in seasons and by nature, your relationships with others can be seasonal.

8. The older you get the more you realize you don’t have the time or energy for 5 million friendships. It’s hard to keep up with everyone, so thank goodness for Facebook.

9. The older you get the more you would rather connect directly by phone or in person, than texting or emailing. Let’s just get to the point.

10. Never say never. Just don’t. God has a funny way of always making that NEVER a strong possibility.

11. Modesty is sexy.

12. Yes, that bag is worth the splurge and super cheap clothing is never worth it. Just reminded myself of that this week.

13. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding or treating yourself, but stay practical.

14. Don’t overextend yourself. From finances to your time. It’s a hard lesson to learn and one that I work on daily.

15. Don’t be afraid to own your NO. I just started doing this a week ago and it has already changed my life.

16. Making room for things that are important requires giving up something else.

17. Make time for yourself. For me that is a slow Saturday, going to get a facial, taking a nap.

18. Never stop learning.

19. Love without conditions; but do not remain in relationship without boundaries.”  Even God has conditions to relationship.

20. Passionately pursue.

21. Set boundaries and adhere to those boundaries you’ve set for yourself.

22. Sow seeds into others.

23. Eat breakfast. It’s actually important.

24. Don’t hold others to the same expectations you have yourself. You are asking to be disappointed when you do that.

25. Being regimented and scheduled is one of the keys to SUCCESS. Prioritizing and compartmentalizing that time.

26. FAMILY is KEY.

27. An honest relationship with God must come first on your priority list or there will always be an excuse to not commune with Him.

28. In all that you do, give it your BEST. Be 100% committed (unless you are Type A…give it 75%…us overachievers like to stress ourselves out).

29. Be sure to love yourself for who you are (i.g. minus the hair, makeup, the clothes).


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