2020. I’m not sure if I’ll get use to saying those numbers! I remember being in High School and thinking that 2020 was just sooooooo far away, but it is here. Feeling very thankful for the air in my lungs and having the opportunity to experience this new season of life! Based on the amount of personal emotional drama and purging that 2019 challenged me with, I truly feel that this upcoming season will be full of new mercies, new joys, and new opportunities.

During Thanksgiving break, I picked up a book called “To Hell With The Hustle”. One of the things I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to here lately is finding the balance…I am one of those people who pressure myself to be Miss Energizer Bunny, to get all the things done, to be PERFECT. What I have finally learned in continually pressuring myself to be a MEGA GIRLBOSS (in all the things…at home, church, the blog, my friendships/relationships, etc) is that I can find myself overwhelmed, depleted and just purely tried. Without getting in too deep, I’ve been working hard to give myself balance and focus on energy on the things that truly bring me joy and fuel my soul. And honestly, I’ve never been more excited to be solely committed to just those things and letting everything else go.

Ok, so back to the book. In the first few pages Jefferson Bethke, the author, talks about the word, goals. Goals are the practices I’m doing. Goals are often centered around doing, results and coming to the end of that goal. So rather than using the word goals, his family uses the word FORMATION. Formation is defined as the process of forming. As Jefferson would put it, who I am becoming through the practices I am doing. You guys, the difference between the words goals and formation struck a chord with me. I found myself thinking on goals vs. formation for days and knew that I was longing for FORMATIONS in my life…who I am becoming through the practices/habits I am doing. As I pondered, even more, the word TRANSFORMATION came to mind and I feel strongly that is the season I am walking for this new decade. Metamorphosis into a stronger, more resilient, more passionate, more mature, more steadfast Candace.

With all of that being said, here are some of my formations I am working on this year and will continue to work on beyond 2020:

    • To continue discovering my strength through Pilates
    • To weekly honor a Sabbath, a day of rest
    • To commit to daily quiet time
    • To acknowledge how I am feeling and adjust accordingly
    • To continuously explore creativity
    • To be PRESENT

Those are my personal ones! Jason and I are having a family formations brunch meeting next Saturday to focus on the things we want to form together.

So what does this life transformation mean for It means a whole lot…I think for the first time in a really long time, I am excited to share. This year, I will be moving away from the standard outfit only blog post and sharing some other things…deeper conservations on fashion and beauty, wellness, personal transparency and more. My life is evolving and I want the content here on the blog to reflect that. So prepare yourself, for the last few weeks I’ve worked on formations to present content to YOU 3 times a week. It’s a little scary, but that’s always been something I’ve desired for the blog and I want to make it a part of the culture. I am excited to kick things off on Monday with a fun style post, an FAQ video on Wednesday and a new segment on Friday, Candace Curated.

Here’s to TRANSFORMATIONS…acknowledging where you are, doing the work to get you to a place where you are capable of transformation and lastly, transforming.

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