Here’s an interesting tidbit about me…I don’t particularly love blazers. Well, I love them, but not on me. With that in mind, it is usually one of the things I skip over while shopping. However, I am well aware that a blazer is one of those pieces that every woman should have somewhere in her closet. I have a total of three and this post contains 2 of them. One of the reasons I think I don’t like blazers is because of my scoliosis. When I wear a blazer, I feel that the uneven height of my shoulders is super noticeable. Additionally, I think it draws attention to the fact that I have the world’s shortest torso. And yes, this affirms that even super confident people have things they don’t like about themselves! We are human too. I know my choice to not wear blazers is more mental than physical and I’m working on getting over it.

A couple of weeks back, I was getting ready for the Grand Opening of Store 5a Easton and fumbling around in my closet to put something together. For some reason, I kept finding my way back to this oversized gingham print button down and pleated faux leather skirt (both of which are from J. Crew). As you can tell, I loved how those pieces looked together, but it was missing something…and that something was a blazer. Despite my love for blazers, there are some outfits in your closet that demand to be worn with a blazer. This was one of those moments for me! As I was determining which blazer I should wear, I quickly noticed that versatility of my base look, as I had not one, but two blazers that perfectly finished the look. In the words of Jason, I simply needed to decide if I wanted to play it safe or go bold. For that evening, I decided to GO BOLD with the colorful floral blazer. However, I was excited to know that my Ralph Lauren blazer (that I’ve had since college) was a pretty fit too. Without much effort, I had already created another look!

And guess what, that’s exactly what building a moldable wardrobe is all about. Things in your closet should, without a doubt, warrant repeat wears. In this particular instance, I simply changed my blazer and handbag and BOOM new look! As fashion lovers, I think we get caught up in what we do not have, myself included, when we should be investing more time in rediscovering what we do have and how we can stretch it, rework it, give it new vibe and all that good stuff.

Nearly everything in this post is old news (meaning not current). However, I have linked a couple of FIERCE blazers down below. Just as I said before, a blazer is definitely one of those wardrobe staples every gal should have somewhere in her closet!

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