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As you may have noticed, I’m a little bit of a coffee lover. Ok, saying a “little bit” is most definitely an understatement…I’M A HUGE COFFEE LOVER. In fact, I think it’s safe for me to just go ahead and admit it…I’m an {unashamed} coffeeholic. It is through the help of coffee and sweet Jesus that I make it through the day! A while back, I shared my story as to how I became obsessed with this liquid fuel {CLICK HERE}, and ever since that time in my life, my love for coffee and cozy coffee shop atmospheres has only intensified. Since I have been fortunate enough to travel a good bit {in fact we are traveling down to South Carolina today, which is what inspired today’s post}, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite coffee spots. And hopefully, if you find yourself in one of these cities, you will take it upon yourself to visit one of the special spots below:

1. Octane Coffee = Atlanta, GA

2. Mission Coffee Co. = Columbus, OH

3. Grassroots Coffee Co. = Thomasville, GA

4. Fox In The Snow = Columbus, OH

5. Pistacia Vera = Columbus, OH

6. Joule Coffee & Table = Raleigh, NC

7. Think Coffee = New York, NY

8. Kahve Coffee = New York, NY

9. Chattachoochee Coffee Company =  Atlanta, GA

10. Bottega del Vino = New York, NY

11. Cafe Nineteen = Atlanta, GA

12. Extraordinary Desserts = San Diego, CA

13. The Coffee Bar = Parkersburg, WV

14. Kava Cafe = New York, NY

15. New York City Bagel & Coffee House = Astoria, NY

16. Cafe Intermezzo = Atlanta, GA

17. Stumptown Coffee Roasters = New York, NY

18. PJ’s Coffee = Baton Rouge, LA

I must admit..I had more places to add to this list, but I thought it may be too overwhelming! I will be sure to make a followup post for those of you who are interested! Also, if any of you have coffee shop recommendations for Charleston, SC, please drop a comment below! We are spending the weekend there for a little work/play. And naturally, I will be on the hunt for a new coffee place to add to my list of favorites.

Have a great weekend guys and per the usual…I will meet you back here early next week!


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